MISSION: To assist youth in the preparation for life in the “real world” as well rounded adults through hands on learning experiences and mentoring on money management, civic involvement, personal health and professional development.


Were you prepared for the real world when you entered it? I mean REALLY prepared to manage your finances, write a resume, be socially involved or cook a healthy meal for yourself after college? If you’ve answered, “Not very”, you’re not alone. 62% of college students rank their school’s effort in preparing them for life after graduation as “poor” to “fair”. This is a pressing issue whether you’re a scholar in college, working to obtain your GED or just trying to figure it out. Mentoring is a necessity for optimal growth and overall development in “real world” preparation. Wouldn’t we all have benefited from a program that focused on doing just that—preparing you for life? Wouldn’t it be great to be involved with an organization that allows you to take the lessons you’ve learned the hard way and help a young YOU navigating a tough terrain?


EVOLVE Mentoring, Inc. is a youth empowerment 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focused on holistically preparing students for life after graduation. Our goal is to assist in the evolution from youth to well rounded adult by acting as a bridge to the real world. Founded in 2011, EVOLVE has since impacted over 230+ students. Through the use of hands on real world experiences, life skills training exercises and Mentoring  we work to empower young adults, ages 15 – 23, by demonstrating the importance of:

Money  Management

Budgeting, Savings and Investing
Credit Management
Student Loan Education
Behavioral Economics
Dollar & Sense FCD Program


Professional Development

Resume Building

Internship attainment

Business Etiquette

Personal Branding



Social Responsibility 

Community Service

Political Involvement

Legal rights

Civic Engagement

Voter Education and Registration

Personal Health



Stress Management

Health Screening


Additionally, our program includes a speakers series, NC Senate Page & Internship program and entrepreneurial advancement boot camps  all powered by EVOLVE.


 EVOLVE Summit 2014


Email: Contact@evolvementoring.org | Phone: 919-792-8352 | Address: P.O. Box 14268 Raleigh, NC 27620

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