Our Programs

We provide direct services to Black and brown youth and partner with other youth-focused organizations to equip them with essential life skills.



We train Black, Latino and Native American youth in literacy, financial management, writing, critical thinking, and civic engagement to foster the next generation of leaders. It is our goal to enlarge vision, expand minds, and provide skills that open doors of opportunity.

Group of afroamerican friends bonding in Manhattan, New York - Young adults having fun outdoors, concepts about lifestyle and young adult generation


We are trusted advisors that care deeply about the overall well-being of the youth we serve. We listen, encourage, support, and inspire them in all areas of life. We offer guidance on stress management, problem solving, communication and character development. It is our priority to make sure youth of color are as prepared as they possibly can be so they can lead the next generation.

Group of ethnic multicultural students sitting, smiling and talking near bookshelf in library.


We can’t do this work alone. It takes a village. We invest in, advise, and collaborate with other nonprofit organizations focused on youth of color. We offer a wide range of organizational development trainings and foster a sense of belonging and community — so youth can reach their full potential through our mutual support.